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Posted by jsearcy on 2009/1/5 15:17:57 (2146 reads)

Necessary Evil: Explorer's Edition Available

This is no simple reprint Pinnacle Entertainment's classic Savage Worlds setting with super-villains saving the earth has returned better than ever. It's reformatted to the wildly popular Savage Worlds: Explorers Edition-size paperback with updated rules. The plot has been expanded to include a new ending, giving you 110% of the story of the first edition. The new edition also has new art, with two dozen pieces added. The Fate Of The World Lies With The Scum Of The Earth! When the super heroes of the world are blown to kingdom come by an unstoppable army of invading aliens, who will save the day? Evil... The only forces left to take on the alien menace are the crafty and self-serving super-villains! Necessary Evil is a supers game done Savage Worlds style. Inside the twisted Plot Point setting are complete rules on making four-color super-powered characters, over seventy super powers, a whole pile of adventures weaving in and out of a resistance story, new Edges and Hindrances, a bestiary of out-of-this-world critters, and more! Necessary Evil requires the Savage Worlds Roleplaying Game to play, available wherever you found this book.

Order your copy of Necessary Evil: Explorer's Edition now for $19.99 plus shipping.

Posted by jsearcy on 2008/12/18 12:06:26 (1818 reads)

New Triple Ace Games PDF's Available

Daring Tales of Adventure #08 PDF $6.99


A Christmas shopping break in New York City seems an ideal way to unwind, but the Nazis have other ideas. An attack by flying Nazi stormtroopers leads the heroes on an exciting chase through the streets of the Big Apple as they try to disable remote-controlled bombs, to the glittering lights of Paris and the famous Les Folies-Bergères nightclub, into Nazi Germany in search of clues, and finally to the ice-covered wastes of Antarctica on the trail of a secret Nazi base.

Along the way they learn of a new and terrible weapon capable of removing cities from the globe in a fraction of a second.

In this the latest Daring Tales of Adventure from Triple Ace Games, can our two-fisted heroes save the world from the Terror of the Z-Bomb?

Sundered Skies: Blade of Destiny PDF $7.50

A Sword with a Dark Destiny

A Mistake which Destroyed an Island

An Ancient Dwarf wracked with Guilt.

A find on a forgotten island out in the void sets in motion a series of events which sends the heroes to the hottest depths of the Skies, as they seek to save the soul of one of their number...

Can they cheat fate as they struggle against The Blade of Destiny!

The Blade of Destiny is the latest adventure from Triple Ace Games for the Sundered Skies setting and the award winning Savage Worlds roleplaying game.

Wonderland No More: Egg of Seven Parts PDF $12.99

It's time for an egg hunt, Wonderland style!

Welcome to Wonderland. You, the heroes, have to stand in for all the King's Horses and Men, on a quest to put Humpty Dumpty back together again. You'll get to explore the width and breadth of Wonderland, from the Chessboard Fields to the Monarchy of Hearts, as you seek out the missing pieces of Humpty.

Prepare to face off against the likes of slithy toves and homicidal packs of Cards, to dodge the fearsome Jabberwock's offspring and their jaws that bite and claws that catch and to explore a fantasy world where Wonderland has gone wrong.

Triple Ace Games proudly presents a fantastic journey into the world of Alice. Egg of Seven Parts is an entire campaign which takes your heroes into Wonderland No More.

Necropolis 2350 - Tales from the Frontline #01 PDF $7.50

You've joined the Sacri Ordines, you've earned your sword, and now you're waiting eagerly for the call to battle? Wait no longer, brave Knights!
Inside this adventure pack you'll find:

• Snatch and Grab: A full-length adventure in which the Knights are ordered to secure unusual Rephaim specimens for scientific study. Alone in a hostile city, the Knights need to act quickly and quietly.

• A Cardinal Error: Cardinal Vespasian, head of the Office of Agriculture, has been kidnapped by separatists seeking to join the Union of Corporations. To ensure a safe rescue, and make other kidnappers think twice about daring to use force against the Church and its officials, the Pope has personally ordered the Sacri Ordines to conduct a televised rescue mission. The orders for this short adventure are brutally simple-rescue the prisoners, kill the kidnappers.

• Three Short Adventures: When someone higher up the chain of command makes a mistake, it's left to the Knights to appear live on the Church's home-shopping channel to sell merchandize! Aiding another Preceptory, the Knights are assigned to walk the beat and police the streets. Have they got what it takes to deal with the public without resorting to violence? In the third adventure, a rescue mission leads to a terrifying discovery (this mission also details a new Dangerous Secret the WM can use in his own Necropolis 2350 adventures).

• WM Appendix: Contains a quick system for creating non-combat missions, and additional Mission Tables to give the WM more choice in the sorts of combat adventures he runs.

• Bestiary: Every stat you need to run the adventures is included to reduce book-flipping during play! Includes two new forms of Rephaim and two variants on the zombie stat block-sniper and grenadier.

Necropolis 2350 - The Last Word PDF $6.99


The Ordo is launching a recruitment drive at the Shrine of St. Malachy, a famous visionary from Earth's history, and the Knights are ordered to win over hearts and minds. In addition to the recruitment operation, the Knights must also liaise regarding security of the shrine with its permanent guardians, the militant nuns of the Sisters of Bradamante.

What should be a quiet mission quickly breaks down into violence and mayhem. The theft of a precious relic by a force more powerful than anything the Knights have faced before leads them on a desperate mission.

But the creature they must face is nothing compared to the horrors revealed in a prophecy. St, Malachy, dead for a millennium, will yet speak his Last Word.

This Necropolis: 2350 adventure combines roleplaying and combat away from the frontlines of Salus' battlefields. It also introduces the Sisters of Bradamante as a player character option.

Posted by jsearcy on 2008/11/20 16:23:17 (2908 reads)

Savage Worlds T-Shirts Now Available!

Now you can show your support for the Savage Worlds game system with these new pre-shrunk 100% cotton T-shirts. The shirts feature the Pinnacle Entertainment Group logo over the left breast and a large Savage Worlds logo on the back. Available in your choice of black, blue or grey and in sizes medium, large, X-Large, XX-Large or XXX-Large.

Order your shirt here.

Posted by jsearcy on 2008/11/4 12:08:22 (2779 reads)

12 to Midnight PDFs Now Available!

12 to Midnight has signed a distribution contract with Studio 2 Publishing and will be releasing printed products in 2009 as well as continuing their line of PDF releases. Studio 2 Publishing now has the Savage Worlds and Modern Floorplans Maps available for sale as PDFs here.

Posted by jsearcy on 2008/10/27 13:36:39 (1713 reads)

Four New Triple Ace Games PDFs Now Available

Necropolis 2350 Player's Guide PDF $14.99 is available for purchase here.

Necropolis 2350 is a sci-fi horror setting set in the 24th century. In these dark days, mankind, divided into two main camps, stands on the brink of extinction.

The focus of the game is on Knights of the fictional Third Reformation Church, who are locked in desperate battle against "undead" invaders known as the Rephaim. While the heroes of humanity use advanced weapons and vehicles and can call upon the power of faith, the twisted Rephaim are masters of necromancy and wield vile technology created from living tissue.

Sundered Skies: Fate of the Summoner PDF $6.99 is available for purchase here.

Madness... Death... and Mayhem
There is chaos on the streets of Shadowhaven, as glowmad, and something even worse attack the peaceful inhabitants.
An elven strike force prepares to destroy every wildling on the isle of Canopy.
Demon summoning cultist's scheme and plot in the tunnels of Mount Ore.
How are these events linked? What does it have to do with a routine salvage haul?
What was the final destination and Fate of the Summoner?

The Fate of the Summoner is a terrifying adventure module for the highly acclaimed Savage Worlds setting Sundered Skies. Written by Skies creator Dave Blewer, we invite you into the void if you dare!

Daring Tales of Adventure #06: The Palladium Peril PDF $6.99 is available for purchase here.

A mysterious statue and evil Nazis, looks like trouble for our heroes!

This exciting pulp tale takes the heroes on a wild ride of Europe from England to Vienna. Their mission is simple, prevent an ancient but powerful magical statue falling into the hands of the Third Riech. The magical Palladium was once the treasure of Troy and its magic was most evident during the Trojan War. Centuries later the Palladium has been lost to history and its location a mystery. Now the Nazi's are after the statue to aid their evil cause. Can the heroes prevent the Palladium falling into the Fuhrer's hands making Berlin almost impregnable?

Daring Tales of Adventure #07: The Twelfth Gate PDF $7.50 is available for purchase here.

Apep, the demonic serpent of Egyptian mythology, stirs in the Underworld.

On the surface world, his mortal minions work tirelessly to ensure the sun will never rise again! When the reporter Valerie Braveheart visits the heroes with a strange story it starts them on a perilous journey taking them from Boston to the dusty streets of Cairo, onto an ancient, trapped tomb deep in the Egyptian desert, and finally into the Underworld itself. The heroes have mere days to complete their quest before mankind is plunged into eternal darkness!

The only way to ensure victory over darkness is to prevent Apep from sealing The Twelfth Gate.

Posted by jsearcy on 2008/10/17 15:20:23 (1858 reads)

Rogue Games PDFs Now Available!

Thousand Suns RPG PDF $9.99 is available for purchase here.
Thousand Suns is a science fiction roleplaying game that includes all the rules needed to play. In addition, it describes the Thousand Suns setting, detailing its worlds, alien races, and conflicts.

Colonial Gothic RPG PDF $9.99 is available for purchase here.
War is coming. The Siege of Boston is lifted, and General Washington is leading the Continental Army to New York. The enemies are many, but as to who they are, you do not know. Colonial Gothic is a supernatural historical horror roleplaying game set during the dawn of the American Revolution.

Colonial Gothic: Secrets PDF $6.99 is available for purchase here.
Some may think they know everything that has transpired in the colonies, but they are wrong. There are dark things afoot. There are those with vengeance in their heart who seek to unleash it. There are creatures prowling the shadows awaiting to entangle the unsuspecting in their maws. There is evil flowing in the wind.

Colonial Gothic: Poor Wizard's Grimoire PDF $4.99 is available for purchase here.
Some claim that Magic is fueled by Ether. Others claim it is a Divine gift granted to those chosen by Providence. Still others claim that Magic is not a gift, but a curse. And some claim that Magic is a tool of the Devil, created to further his Infernal ends on earth.

Posted by jsearcy on 2008/10/2 18:24:36 (1895 reads)

Ravaged Earth PDF Now Available

In 1898, the Martians came. They devastated our lands, they ravaged our earth. They slew without mercy and they died without tears when our germs struck them down and toppled their metal machines over the course of the longest weeks in the history of our world. However, from their corpses we found a gift, the present of Aetherium, which has forever changed the course of our destiny. Our burnt fields have grown lush new grasses in the decades that have passed, hiding the scars our planet has suffered. Our buildings have been rebuilt far better than they ever were before, but humanity has been forever changed and our wounds run far deeper than we could ever imagine.

Some question whether Aetherium is a blessing or a curse. Certainly advances have come with this secret knowledge, but so has war. Great good has come, but so has great evil. People have changed in ways that go unnoticed by the naked eye inmany cases, but is some have changed, is it not possible that all have changed? These powers that have poured over our planet must certainly be unnatural and our world, our poor dear world, is now and forever more a Ravaged Earth.

Fast Forward: 1936: You are one of the Ravaged, a person altered by the mysterious powers of Aetherium. How that came about is up to you. No one knows how many Ravaged exist. Most try to keep a low profile. Most try to get by. You, on the other hand, have long felt a greater purpose, a greater destiny, was in store for you. That destiny begins today.

Using the award-winning Savage Worlds engine, Ravaged Earth is a pulp setting both eerily familiar and uniquely its own.
This is a PDF downloadable title. Includes both original and printer friendly versions!

Posted by jsearcy on 2008/9/23 13:31:26 (2769 reads)

Slipstream is Now Available!

Slipstream - A setting book for the Savage Worlds RPG.

Pass through any of the black holes that dot the universe and you enter Slipstream, a pocket universe of shattered worlds. Slipstream is home to myriad aliens, but it is also their prison, for there is no escape.

Amid the fragments of worlds rules the science and flavor of 1930s Saturday morning pulp serials, for Slipstream is a realm of square-jawed heroes, ray guns, weird science, and rocketships. It is a realm where the morals are black and white, where good triumphs over evil, and where danger lurks at every turn.

Ruling over Slipstream is the diabolical queen Anathraxa and her horde of Hand Maidens, Primals, and Minions. All bow before her, paying tribute to avoid destruction. None have had the courage to stand against her forces, at least not until now. For this is the role your heroes will take-bastions of light against a dark foe! Strap on your rocket pack, charge your ray gun, and prepare to blast off on wild and exotic adventures!

Slipstream is a pulp science fiction Plot Point setting for the award-winning Savage Worlds RPG. (full color, hardcover, 160 pages)

To order your copy go here.

Posted by jsearcy on 2008/9/1 13:14:52 (1839 reads)

Triple Ace Games' PDFs Now Available Through Studio 2 Publishing

Triple Ace Games is a collection of like minded folk striving to bring the best in games. The core team is Dave Blewer, Robin Elliott and Paul "Wiggy" Wade-Williams. With many years of experience in the hobbygames industry, together with a hoard of helpers and supporters they continue to create fantastic games for everyone.
Triple Ace Games is one of the newest licensee companies for Pinnacle Entertainment's Savage Worlds system. Triple Ace Games' first printed release will be the upcoming Necropolis 2350 for the Savage Worlds system. Necropolis 2350 is available for preorder now and will release in October.
Triple Ace Games will also be releasing numerous PDFs for Savage Worlds players to use. To see what they have available now go here.

Posted by jsearcy on 2008/8/20 14:44:55 (2041 reads)

Deadlands Classic Player's Guide and Marshal's Handbook Available in Print Again

In response to customer demand Pinnacle Entertainment has decided to make certain Deadlands Classic books available in print again through Studio 2 Publishing. The first books to be made available are the Player's Guide and the Marshal's Handbook which have been sold out for over three years.

These reprints will be accomplished through the use of print on demand technology. These new versions will be black and white interior with a full color softcover.

PEG1100 Deadlands: Player's Guide is available here.

PEG1101 Deadlands: Marshal's Handbook is available here.

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