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Posted by jsearcy on 2007/1/18 10:10:13 (2551 reads)

Arbor Productions and Studio 2 Publishing, Inc. Sign Exclusive Agreement

Arbor Productions and Studio 2 Publishing, Inc. have signed an exclusive agreement that will see Studio 2 Publishing, Inc. providing all sales and marketing, warehousing, and order fulfillment services for Arbor Productions' current and future product lines. Additionally, Studio 2 Publishing, Inc. will also be offering PDF versions of Arbor Productions' products, including the PDF best-selling Hunter & Prey series.

"With Studio 2 Publishing, Inc.'s leverage with distributors such as Alliance Games, Diamond Books, Esdevium (UK) and many others world-wide, not to mention Amazon.com, we are now in a stronger position to achieve product market penetration on a global scale," commented Lee F. Szczepanik, Jr., Publisher of Arbor Productions. "Their client list is impressive, and we look forward to exploring our business relationship with Studio 2 Publishing, Inc, and what they can offer."

Watch for Arbor Productions to appear in upcoming issues of Games Quarterly Catalog, as well as several upcoming industry conventions.

For more information on Arbor Productions visit their website at www.arborproductions.com.

Posted by jsearcy on 2006/12/27 11:22:15 (2798 reads)

Talisman Studios Signs with Studio 2 Publishing

Talisman Studios and Studio 2 Publishing, Inc. have signed a sales agreement that will have Studio 2 Publishing doing the sales of existing and future titles released by Talisman Studios. Studio 2 Publishing will also be offering PDF versions of Talisman Studios titles on our website, www.studio2publishing.com. Talisman Studios is best known for its licensed Savage Worlds setting, Shaintar: Immortal Legends.

Visit the Talisman Studios website for more information on all the projects Talisman Studios has going on.

Currently Available from Talisman Studios:

Shaintar: Immortal Legends Player's Guide $19.95
Shaintar: Immortal Legends Player's Guide PDF $10.00

Posted by jsearcy on 2006/11/15 14:04:30 (2730 reads)

New PDF's and Printed Titles Available

We have added several new PDF's and Printed titles to our site recently.

For preorder we have:

EMP1001 The Edge of Midnight GM Screen $29.99. This handsome GM’s screen gives the Game Master everything he needs to run an exciting Edge of Midnight game right at his fingertips. Composed of tri-fold black vinyl, and customizable to fit your specific needs, each copy contains six inserts containing pertinent charts and rules, along with gorgeous full-color artwork from the inestimable Nate Barnes. A must for any fan of The Edge of Midnight!

Releases: December 2006

REB10001 RunePunk (Savage Worlds) $34.99. RunePunk is dark steampunk fantasy in an urban environment like no other. Characters become ghosts, demons, mechanized men, ratlike folk, and the remnants of humanity in their roles as runecasters, shadowpriests, inventors, chemists, demonologists, among others. The extradimensional city of ScatterPoint is full of shadows and steam. Find out what secrets lie within. A comprehensive setting for use with the award-winning Savage Worlds game system, RunePunk is a complete Plot Point campaign and contains comprehensive rules for character creation, new edges, new powers, adventure generators, and more!

Releases: January 2007

New PDF's include:

S2P10200 Deadlands: Reloaded PDF $25.00

FPR35101 Total Warfare PDF $25.00

FPR35105 Historical: Brush Wars PDF $18.00

FPR35032 Technical Readout: Project Phoenix PDF $12.00

FPR35022 Technical Readout: Vehicle Annex PDF $22.00

FPR35009 Technical Readout: 3067 PDF $18.00

PCI2301 Tales of the Caliphate Nights (True 20) PDF $19.95

PCI2003 Spycraft: Conspiracies PDF $9.95

PCI1113 Forged in Magic Revised and Expanded PDF $13.99

PCI1112 Theocracy of Canceri PDF $12.45

Posted by jsearcy on 2006/9/22 15:38:38 (2726 reads)

Bad Axe Games Signs with Studio 2 Publishing

Bad Axe Games Signs Distribution Agreement with Studio 2 Publishing

Bad Axe Games signed an exclusive international distribution agreement for its English-language products with Studio 2 Publishing.

Studio 2 Publishing has been doing the booktrade placement for Bad Axe Games for the last six months and we felt it was time to take the next logical step. With this agreement Studio 2 Publishing will do the booktrade, retailer, distributor, and end consumer sales for Bad Axe Games.

Bad Axe Games has been making d20 related products for the last four years and continues to produce "Games with Grit". For more information on Bad Axe Games visit their website.

To purchase any of the Bad Axe Games line visit the Studio 2 Publishing online store.

Posted by jsearcy on 2006/8/31 11:01:00 (2455 reads)

Studio 2 Publishing Signs Three New Clients

Exile Game Studio Signs Distribution Agreement with Studio 2 Publishing

Seattle, WA, August 28, 2006 –

Exile Game Studio signed an exclusive international distribution agreement for its English-language products with Studio 2 Publishing.

”We’re very happy to be partnering with Studio 2,” said Jeff Combos, President of Exile Game Studio. “They do business with all major hobby game distributors and enjoy a great reputation in the industry. They also sell direct to retail stores and will provide order fulfillment for our online store. Working with them ensures that our products will be available to our customers whenever and however they purchase games.”

”In addition,” continued Combos, “having a partner like Studio 2 handling distribution lets us focus on doing what we do best: making fun and exciting games.”

Exile Game Studio is a Seattle-based game publisher founded in 2003. For more information about the company and Hollow Earth Expedition™ please visit www.exilegames.com.

Order EGS1000 Hollow Earth Expedition $39.99 here.
Order EGS2001 Ubiquity Dice $5.99 here.

For more information on upcoming titles check out www.exilegames.com.

Reality Blurs Inks Deal with Studio2 Publishing and Other Important News!

August 21, 2006

If you haven't heard yet, we squared away our deal with Studio 2 Publishing while at GenCon. We've been in talks for quite some time and I am happy to get the papers finally signed. Studio 2 will be handling distribution for all our product lines domestically and internationally, starting with the release of RunePunk: Steam & Shadow slated for a November/December release date. It will head off to the printers very shortly. This is huge exciting news for us and is the culmination of a lot of hard work and effort from people scattered all across this big blue marble. Woot!

Our next project on the horizon? Agents of Oblivion. Earlier today, I announced on several forums the composition of our dream team. Check out the Agents of Oblivion section of the website for further details.


Sean Preston

For more information on upcoming titles check out www.realityblurs.com.

Technomancer Press has signed with Studio 2 Publishing for distribution of it's Indie RPG titles.

August 25, 2006

The Technomancer Press Philosophy:
We believe in low prices and great content-- "high adventure, low prices"[tm]. These aren't coffee-table items-- they're books you can shove into your backpack for the ride to work or flip through when you're panicking an hour before your game.

Order TCM1001 The Critonomicon - A Guide to Critical Hits, Fumbles, and magical Mishaps $12.99 here.
Order TCM1002 The Manual of Mysteries - A Guide to Puzzles, Codes, and Riddles in Your Fantasy Campaign $12.99 here.
Order TCM1101 Player's Companion - Getting More Out of Your PHB $12.99 here.

For more information on upcoming titles check out www.technomancer-press.com.

Posted by jsearcy on 2006/8/22 16:36:50 (2540 reads)

Street Magic releases Monday 8-28-06

Master Your Mojo

Street Magic is the advanced magic rulebook for Shadowrun, Fourth Edition. It provides background details on everything known to magic in the year 2070, from the nature of mana and astral space to and its effects on society and the Awakened. It also covers a few things that aren't known—or at least understood—such as the metaplanes and hostile spirits.

It also contains advanced rules for magic traditions and groups, initiation and metamagic, enchanting, and new spells and adept powers.

Street Magic contains everything the players and gamemasters need for magic in Shadowrun.

Order your copy here.
Buy the PDF version here.

Posted by jsearcy on 2006/8/3 10:23:30 (2120 reads)

Mercenaries Supplemental Update releases Monday 8-14-06

The Edge of Extinction

October 3067 unleashed the horrors of a war not seen since the First Succession War. Yet for the mercenaries of the Inner Sphere, this is a war unlike any in history. With the heart and soul of the mercenary trade annihilated on Outreach, and the very reliability of every mercenary command shaking the foundation of every House — causing some to now consider their most stalwart work-for-hire commands as enemies — mercenaries, from the elite to the dregs, are fighting for their lives... and more importantly, their very reputations.

Classic BattleTech Mercenaries Supplemental Update™ details the fall-out of the opening years of the Jihad and how it relates to mercenaries. Providing updates on all major mercenary commands currently embroiled in the Jihad, as well as covering the various Hiring Halls, this product also details brand new mercenaries commands springing up from the shattered remains of commands destroyed in these opening Jihad years. Rules for running mercenary commands during this era are also included, along with a section detailing newly premiered battlefield units.

Order your copy here.

Posted by jsearcy on 2006/7/19 9:05:24 (2866 reads)

The Edge of Midnight RPG Coming Soon

The Edge of Midnight RPG is at the printer and will be releasing in late August. The Edge of Midnight RPG is the first release from Edge of Midnight Press and will be followed by several supplemental books for the line over the next few months. A limited number of advance copies will be available at the Studio 2 Publishing booth at GenCon August 10-13. Check out the Edge of Midnight Press website here for complete information on the game and updates. To place a preorder for your copy of The Edge of Midnight RPG go to the Studio 2 Publishing online store here.

"There's a million stories in the naked city. One of them just melted your car."

Enter a world where the mean streets go on forever and the only justice comes at the end of a gun. Experience a unique take on the gritty world of noir, tailor-made for the role-playing experience. It’s a universe of gumshoes and gun molls, of dark deeds and hard choices. But this isn’t just any noir world. The laws of physics can be broken here — like every other law — leading to criminal warlocks who ply magic like bootleggers smuggling gin. Inhuman “gaunts” — men twisted into the form of inhuman monsters — rule the streets, while private detectives provide justice for a price. It’s a world just a shade off our own, where the skyscrapers loom taller and the shadows yawn wider. It’s a world with a dark riddle at its heart, one which only the brave or the desperate have the guts to seek. It’s a world on the cusp of the abyss… a world waiting at the edge of midnight.

Posted by jsearcy on 2006/6/29 16:57:01 (4073 reads)

Villainy - The Supervillainous Card Game Set One: EVIL MASTERMINDS and Reaper Miniature Transport 3" Foam Trays Release Monday 7-3-06

VILLAINY - The Supervillainous Card Game
Stock Code: HHS2000
Number of Players: 2+
Individual Deck MSRP: $11.95

VILLAINY is a brand new card game from Human Head Studios, Origins Award-winning designers of REDHURST ACADEMY OF MAGIC (d20) and the GOTHICA line of horror-themed strategy board games.

In VILLAINY, players are cartoonish supervillains vying to take over the world! Each 60-card deck is a self-contained supervillainous army. Players just need their own deck, their favorite supervillain, to play. The game is fast, fun, and funny.

VILLAINY is a collectible deck game; there are no boosters but there are multiple decks for consumers to choose from. They can buy one, two, or all three decks in the set. Future sets will introduce three new supervillains each.

VILLAINY: EVIL MASTERMINDS will be available July 3rd. The second set, VILLAINY: SCUM OF THE EARTH is coming in September.


Stock Code: HHS2001
MSRP: $11.95
He’s a highly-intelligent ape with a taste for fine wine and a grudge against humanity! He is Mugga Mugga and his army of monkeys and great apes stand ready for battle! The first deck in the VILLAINY: EVIL MASTERMINDS set introduces the simian supreme as well as the great monkey god, ZaiuZaia, feisty primates and primitive weapons! In VILLAINY, each player just needs his own deck, his favorite supervillain, to play. You can choose your favorite or collect all three decks! New sets will introduce all new supervillains. Each 60-card deck is sold separately.

Stock Code: HHS2002
MSRP: $11.95
He’s a mad scientist with a penchant for wild experiments and teal lab coats! He is Dr. Oblongata and he’s surrounded by cybernetic ostriches, oversized rodents, and a motley band of assistants! The second deck in the VILLAINY: EVIL MASTERMINDS set introduces the bad doctor as well as his greatest creation, Vronkenstein, lab assistants and test subjects gone bad! In VILLAINY, each player just needs his own deck, his favorite supervillain, to play. You can choose your favorite or collect all three decks! New sets will introduce all new supervillains. Each 60-card deck is sold separately.

Stock Code: HHS2003
MSRP: $11.95
She’s a petulant teenage witch with a bad attitude and a big book of spells. She is Mallory Maleficarum and she’s turned her high school into a legion of mortified minions! The third deck in the VILLAINY: EVIL MASTERMINDS set introduces this eldritch adolescent as well as her dark master, Lusifoo, zombie cheerleaders, vampire nerds, and…are those Ghoul Scouts? In VILLAINY, each player just needs his own, his favorite supervillain, to play. You can choose your favorite or collect all three decks! New sets will introduce all new supervillains. Each 60-card deck is sold separately.

VILLAINY will release July 3rd and is premiering at Origins in Columbus, OH.

Posted by jsearcy on 2006/6/9 15:39:19 (2592 reads)

CBT Technical Readout:3058 Upgrade & Astrobirdz Card Game to release Monday 6-12-06

Wars Past. Wars Present

In the 3050's, the discoveries of long-buried Star League records led to a plethora of new cutting-edge BattleMech and vehicle designs by the end of that decade, resurrected from the blue prints of design firms centuries old and thought lost to antiquity. Now, ten years later, these designs have moved from novelty to workhorse, as the Inner Sphere once more finds itself at war!

Fully updated to circa 3070 and still containing the same fantastic art by Duane Loose, Classic BattleTech Technical Readout: 3058 Upgrade $29.99 launches these designs into the current time frame, including notable MechWarriors/pilots, as well as new variants. Additionally, a battle armor section has been included, providing full Classic BattleTech stats, and updating the histories for these twenty venerable designs.

Page Count: 232
Authors: Multi-author
Developers: Randall N. Bills
Cover Artist: Doug Chaffee


are the galaxy’s most competitive extreme sports creatures. Able to snowboard comets in the cold of space or surf the fiery surface of a sun, they are the ultimate extreme sports life form. They love nothing more than taking their favorite board and riding a wave, skating a stair, or catching as much air as possible on one of their kiteboards. They’ve learned to take their sport into outer space for even more complex board runs among the stars.

Astrobirdz use all types of boards, but each bird soon finds one it especially favors, and so specializes in that style of board. Their technology is such that they are able to jet on their boards into outer space and move at amazing speeds from planet to planet and star to star. They are famous throughout the universe not only for their extreme sports skills but for their high quality trade goods such as boards, rocketbikes, space cars, and other technology.

A peace-loving civilization, they’ve managed to settle disputes by competing against other alien races in an intergalactic extreme sports arena. This galaxy-wide sports activity has only increased the Astrobirdz’ love of competition. They fiercely defend their reputation as the ultimate extreme sports creatures by performing the most radical and intense tricks ever seen in any galaxy!

6 foil cards represent Berzerkerbirdz. 54 cards represent different tricks the Astrobirdz can do on their rocket-assisted boards. An Astrobirdz fingerboard marks the best competitor in the game. A score pad helps mark each of the rounds of cards played in the game. The rules are short and quick to read.

Playing Time: 20 minutes
Players: 2-6
Ages: 8 and up
MSRP: $24.99

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